What type of meditation works best for you?

H L Na C.
Breath meditation with repeated phrases and/ or guided questions— although repeating phrases is more calming. I like body scans for falling asleep sometimes, and when having pain, body scans are great. When doing breath meditation, I find placing my hands on my chest and abdomen aids a great deal in staying focused and really diving deeper into the meditation.
Tracey Q.
I use the app headspace. It has a variety of meditation topics and lengths to get it in throughout the day. I have also found that going for a walk is a great way to get some mindfulness time in during my day.
Siegrun T.
I like guided meditation that is around 10 minutes long. I especially want Loving Kindness and Compassion meditations that help me find peace and energy when faced with the pain and injustice so many face in the world. I don’t just want self-compassion meditation, but more universal meditations on compassion.
Milo C.
Breathing always works best for me a deep one in through my nose and slowly out of my mouth always relaxes me whenever I feel anxious or stressed and listening to the sounds around me always helps me to refocus 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Clarence E.
I have a difficult time focusing with my ADHD and anxiety symptoms. This is why guided meditation works best for me. There are tons of great guided meditations on YouTube. I like lying down in corpse pose, in a dark area to minimize distractions or out in nature away from noisy and busy areas. I burn incense or use an essential oil diffuser when possible. I also like guided walking meditations.
Randall F.
I’m not really aware of the different kinds of meditation. I’m a beginner. I use the headspace app, which I believe is a combination of mindfulness meditation and breath awareness meditation.
Arianna O.
It's best to choose the technique that gives you maximum effect for minimum time, and for almost everyone this will be vipassana. While it is necessary to do a ten-day course in order to learn, afterwards you can decide for yourself how much you want to do daily. (You'll get the most benefit from two hours a day, but some situations in life hamper that level of commitment.) If you can't attend a ten-day course yet, attend a 45 minute introduction to anapana, which is the second best technique.
Signe W.
I’m trying lots of different versions and find varying the routine depending on what you want to achieve helps. Recommend Headapace and Calm as well as this app.
Anna Z.
I don't know all the different types of meditation. But I do find developing a mindfulness habit helps one stay on top of things during the day.
Abdias C.
Meditations that focus on the breath are the ones I turn to most often. But, I think it’s important to experiment and learn what works best for you. Meditation isn’t one size fits all.
Christoffer W.
Laying down in bed and focus on my breathing for 10m. Or quick exercises such as focus on what I am eating or the sound of the birds as I walk in the morning
Anna Y.
I prefer meditations that focus on my breathing and help me to overcome stressful feelings by making me redirect my attention to my breath.
Gretchen E.
It works best when I start to concentrate on my hearing. Trying to hear every little detail around me without any judging.
Sylvia A.
I prefer to find a comfortable, seated position in a space that isn’t not too cold. Some quiet peaceful music or meditation sounds help to keep my focus and to drown out other distractions.
Hector U.
I like all sorts of meditation, silent is the most difficult, the sound of bells is my favorite but The most effective is guided, which is what I mostly do now.
Benjamin C.
Breathing. A few guiding words at the start. Occasional cues in the middle to come back to the breath etc. I don’t find the incessant talking one (wall, child and sage, present moment) that I’ve tried so far here very helpful.
Francislene N.
I used to struggle with getting to sleep, however since listening to the deep sleep meditation, I’ve been falling asleep before it even ends!

This week, I’m trying to not listen to it, but go through the key steps to get to sleep quickly

Quirino Q.
I prefer guided meditations because I feel like my mind wanders less. I also like them because I can target something specific I want to address, like self compassion or breath work.
Frederick Z.
I’ve found that using a guided meditation by headspace really helps me stay on track and learn how to properly meditate.
Isaac U.
I’m a huge fan of the Calm app and use it most days, but I also like sitting in silence and focusing on my breathing. Also, my husband and I sit in 10 minutes of silence every weekend morning.