Do you have any fun meditation techniques, that makes meditation fun and motivating to do?

Bob I.
I learned meditation through the headspace app. The trick for me was to start small. Start with the exercise that only took 3min. Then go through their basic training and follow up with the daily meditation. Now I can do a short meditation right before sleeping, as I know the routine inside out.
Alice E.
Meditation isn't funny for me but it makes me feel better with myself, it calms my nerves and my thoughts and it makes it easier to fall asleep, so I know it can be boring in the beginning but keep going, it's worth it!
Ma Lle E.
You could do a walking meditation. Take a walk somewhere and really pay attention to your surroundings. It could be a route that you think you know well. Challenge yourself to really be present and see how much more you notice and see. Or you could explore a new route if you are feeling adventurous.
Antwan N.
Usually what I do is do a little movement in the shoulders then head. Play some music I really love was i have inspiration
Floriana N.
At first you want to go outside. Somewhere where no one / nothing makes a sound or just a little sound. And then you turn on some chill music or chill sounds so you can relax. ( or if you’re in a forest ir something you can turn off your phone and listen to the birds. sit down or lay down on the ground and close your eyes or just look around and think about how beautiful life is. And when you’re done you can go home
Naja C.
Yes I just think about the future and the life I want, also once I start meditating it’s is the start of my morning routine and once I am doing this I feel more motivation to finish all the task that I have set out for my self.
Rasmus Z.
I like to put a fun story line into my meditation. Or I like to think of a story in my head as I breath 🌝 hoped this helped
Carter C.
Mhm I honestly put on videos and try to meditate to the sounds of nature and also painting with my music in the background! I get puzzles and put them together, like the ones you do on the floor
Mrs J.
I have just begun meditation so I don't really have any specific techniques. I have found that getting as comfortable as possible with no distractions is the best way for me to feel satisfied after a meditation. As I become more familiar with it, I'm sure I will develop methods to add a fun twist to it. For now, I enjoy the simple peace.
Miguel S.
No. I like to remember myself meditation it's good because improve my mental health, so I remember how good I feel after meditate.
Arianna Z.
I have more a relaxing one, I usually do a free style one, that I can adjust the background sounds, how long is the session and how many gongs do I want in my session. Sometimes I also use a guided meditation, all decided by who keeps the lesson or what the app decided to do.
Niqua W.
Honestly I don’t lol. I just keep telling myself that I need to clear my space inside myself for whatever May come. However, Lofi beats has always been a thing for me to relax and going out in nature for awhile
Jasmine N.
Yeah right, I know you’re the Fabulous app. Nice try getting me to change 😛😛😛😛 Meditation is just great tbh idk what to tell you it rocks bye
Caitlin F.
i like to listen to calming music that washes over my body in a soothing way! one type is lofi music – a light-hearted, instrumental music that relaxes you. it’s good when i’m stretching and leading into meditation. i also like listening (personally) to bible stories/podcasts while meditating so i immerse into my faith more.
Abigail F.
meditating while holding a warm cup of tea at heart center and feeling its warmth spread throughout my body as I breathe in the rising steam is my favorite way to make meditating more engaging. when I have a physical sensation to help me relax I can invest in the meditation more easily.