What are some good ways to meditate?

Hailey R.
Good ways to meditate… Hmmm. When I meditate, the first thing I do if figure out how I am feeling or how I want to feel, and that gives me my starting point. I am not great at meditation yet, so if I'm distracted or feeling negative I tend to do guided meditations to keep me on track and stop me going down a bad rabbit hole of thoughts. If I'm doing a guided meditation this is where I look for my youtube video (guided meditation for energy, or to combat anger, etc) then my setup is the same for both. I take out my chakra crystals, dim the lights, set my phone to do not disturb and get comfy (but not too comfy. depending on the time of day and your energy levels, you don't want to fall asleep. I'll sit for my early morning or evening meditation, but I'll lie down mid day so I can fully relax.) I have a meditation spot, and I only use it to meditate. I don't want to confuse my brain, so if it's use to that spot being for a specific action, it will always know thats what it's meant to do when I'm in that spot. Lastly, I am gentle with myself. I have a very… scattered mind and get off track easily, so I don't beat myself up when it happens. Even the best get off track now and then. I just bring back the steps I followed to get to my meditative state and softly guide myself back there. Just the fact you're taking this time for yourself is huge, and every minute makes a difference. Take it from me; it gets easier, and your mind does start wandering less. Don't give up.
Glyn W.
Listening to some good music alone in a dark room. Usually something guitar or piano based. Maybe a cover of a popular song. Maybe a new song that's just instrumental. But it needs to be relaxing.