I feel like I don’t have time in the morning for my whole morning routine, any tips?

Seth P.
Try to be aware and conscious of your behaviors and actions. I’ve always been able to find unnecessary things I do mindlessly and either minimize or eliminate them to make more time to what’s actually important for life.
Ioannis T.
I struggle with the same thing, particularly since I am not a morning person. I’m trying to tackle that by starting small with a short routine that I will build on as a slowly get myself used to waking up early. Also, the more I get used to my routine and the habit of going from one to the next, the less time I wait in between each task. Hope this helps!
Roger U.
I admire your determination to find solutions! I too, struggle with my morning routine. I encourage you to wake up early enough to provide the time you desire to accomplish your chosen morning routine. This goes without saying that a consistent bedtime is necessary and healthy to allow you to wake rested and ready to greet the new day.
Mia W.
When I was in a military academy I had a very short time in the morning before I had to start with drills. So the only thing I found that helped was going to bed really early when I wanted to do something so I could wake up before the sun was even up. I would wake up at 4 AM and do whatever I wanted for an hour or whatever and then go back to sleep before my actual alarm.
Ida G.
Wake up by your alarm clock on your phone and then go from there. It’s always best to start with waking up by the alarm clock on your phone.
Ezio Y.
Get up at the same time everyday even on weekends. Figure out the essential parts of your routine and complete those first. Don't beat yourself up if you don't complete the routine sometimes. Take a breath, don't let stress take over.
Iwan X.
Break up the morning routines. Do one on Mon, Wed & Fri, the other one on Tues & Thurs and the other one on Sat & Sun. Switching up the days may help too
Bayram T.
Focus and schedule only on one or two small tasks for the morning, like drinking a glass of water,making your bed etc, which do not take more than 5-10 minutes.
Dion Sio S.
I know the feeling. It’s impossible to get everything done in the morning because things just happens and the time just gets away from us. But don’t beat yourself up about it. If you could then try to squeeze some of the missing tasks into the afternoon and evening timeframe. If you can’t, then just enjoy the rest of the day and start again on the next day.
Lou O.
Biggest time waster in the morning is the snooze button also can be not multitasking well enough. If you have a morning coffee or tea I suggest letting it brew and cool a bit and within that time try to lay out your clothes, get breakfast started, jump in the shower. It really comes down to what your routine is and you figuring out the best ways to optimize your morning tasks. The more I get moving as soon as I wake up the more alert I am and ready for the day. Also go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.
Bobby F.
Do only the tasks in your morning routine that are important to you. Take the timers off of tasks. Then save some tasks for afternoon breaks instead of mornings-ex. Meditation, journaling