When I try to meditate during the day, I’m so antsy that I can’t concentrate. I just feel like I need to be doing something else, like working. How do you make time to meditate at work?

Tatiyahna P.
Taking deep breaths and closing your eyes can be meditating! I'd say work and move your body first so that you're tired enough cool down!
Nolan E.
Remember that you are doing this to benefit you and think more clearly. Meditation allows me to be more focused and clear minded. This will not only benefit you but also you work. Don't be discouraged about taking just a few minutes for yourself. You deserve a few moments of calm.
Grit J.
Depends on what I’m doing , but if I can I try to go into the bathroom stall and focus on my breathing. Counting my breaths and close my eyes and try to count to 10 then start over. Or I inhale and in my head say “re” and exhale and say “lax”. Re-lax. I try for 3-5 minutes.
If I can’t get to a quiet place. I will just sit up straight and take deep breathes and relax as much as I can.
Gif V.
My work has been so busy, so much so that meditating at work is out of the question. I should probably try to incorporate some mini meditations during lunch or coffee break.
Alma O.
I meditate at work for 15 minutes, that’s all it takes, the first five I spend settling my mind from all the places it wants to go. I pick a topic or a sound and I focus on that. I even tap my finger sometimes to give myself something to focus on. When a thought pops into your head or you start to feel like you need to move breathe into your nose and out through your mouth. Count 2,3,4 as you breathe in and to 6 as you breathe out. Recognize the thought and bring your focus back to the single sound or thought. Don’t fight where your mind goes just guide it back to calm. Practicing everyday makes the meditation easier.
Annie W.
The antsier you are, the more you need the meditation. I dont meditate for long periods at work because I am supposed to be engaged with work while I am at work. Instead, I meditate before work. I find that meditation sets my intention foe the day. So, if I meditate before work and find my calm and zen, I will have my calm and zen with me all day
Lisa N.
If I meditate at work I take a short snack break and meditate then, just breathing and focusing on breath. Lunch I eat with co-workers.
Natalie P.
I block out a 15 minute prior to the time I know things are going to get very busy. I have a desk space now where I won't be disturbed, but when I shared a workspace, I would go to my car. I use a guided meditation is I meditate midday to help me focus.
Linsey R.
I often have trouble meditating too. The focus is to just be, not do. That’s the easy and the hard part, I’m afraid. Sometimes I keep a journal or notebook nearby and if I have a restless thought I jot it down as something to “do” later. That can get it off the mind and also create your next action plan. Also, think of it as time with yourself for yourself and it will get easier. Keep trying!
Shaun Z.
My secret is to do it allways at the same time. I take a break at 11:00 AM and I meditate for about 5 minutes. My body and my mind have that routine, so, It’s like they enter autopilot mode, and I do it peacefuly.