Do you believe there is a spiritual aspect to meditating? Or is it just a mind exercise?

Corsino Q.
I think it depends on the person. If you’re a spiritual or religious person, it’s likely that meditation can feel spiritual to you. If you’re not, then it likely won’t.
Samuel P.
Spiritual in the sense your consciousness is reconnecting to the energy of the universe and feeling of one, that is th universe
Moua Z.
I think it's a bit of both. Part of being able to meditate is to tune everything outside off and then recenter amd reconnect with yourself. It's you coming back to your spirit and self. At the same time, it's a great exercise for training your mind to release negative or overwhelming thoughts and emotions. It can help build a stronger way of coping with things and build a better mindset.
Queen B.
I believe there is a spiritual aspect. I want to listen to my intuition more and open my mind to the teachings of the universe
Thea P.
I believe that meditating has multiple uses. I use it often as an exercise in self regulation but I also use it in my spiritual practice.
Tania E.
Yes, I believe there is a spiritual aspect. To me is like connecting directly to my source and the deepest places of myself.
Kennedy E.
I believe the mind, spirit, snd body are all parts of the same. When we only focus on one of these parts at a time we neglect the other parts. We are whole beings not a collection of parts. Meditation, to, me, is a practice in aligning the whole person. Mind. Body. Spirit and whatever else this is to us.
J Rgen X.
I find a purely mind/body exercise, but I can understand some people having a more spiritual spirit finding something at this level in it.
Katrina Y.
Meditation can be both a mind exercise as well as a spiritual portal. I would even consider such a mind exercise spiritual in itself, and vice versa: opening spiritual doors usually requires some sort of altering or expanding/exercising of the mind.

However, I wholeheartedly believe that one does not need to adhere to any specific spirituality to benefit from meditation. Meditating can be the simple act of awareness and using grounding techniques for the sole purposes of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, increasing focus, energy, gratitude, etc. And, in my experience, it absolutely does those things.

Mary E.
For me it’s a mind exercise. I can’t stand organized religion, for many reasons, and that has led me to reject spirituality for the most part. The only spirituality I invest in is the belief that I am on the earth to: 1) understand other people, as difficult as that is, and 2) love other people. Maybe it would be helpful for me to think of meditation as an exercise in those activities, but I’m not sure it would ever work that way. Meditation helps me with patience and forbearance, so it does contribute to my values and purpose. But I don’t feel that connection directly.
Sherry N.
I am not a spiritual person. I am practicing meditation in the hopes of learning a skill that improves concentration, self awareness, SELF COMPASSION and stress management, to name a few. I'm still not sure I'm doing it right.
Amanda Q.
Yes, I do believe that there is a spiritual aspect to meditation. We search our inner energy and communicate with our inner self to become focus and have presence of mind.
Christopher O.
For me, meditation involves self-awareness. That is, mentally seeing oneself, as though from the outside, or through another's eyes. I regard seeing oneself as equivalent to others as spiritual.
Lindsey N.
I find that it is a mental space just for me. Sometimes that includes mental work but sometimes that just means achieving calm, peace and a way to center myself. I also view it as being in the present moment and just being here now. It's about me and not anything else.