Do you prefer to sit on a pillow or chair when doing a seated meditation?

Antonino E.
Sitting on the floor with pillow allows to have a far different position from the position I have in office, so I can avoid thoughts on my duties
Ximena P.
When I meditate I find it more relaxing to sit on the floor, either on a rug or pillow. So for you I recommend a pillow and not a chair. To me it seems more suitable to be on the ground during meditation, but I have not tried a chair. I will try it tomorrow, Thanks you!😊
Jess E.
When I created my meditation shrine I got a very fluffy fuzzy circle rug and a blue meditation pillow/slash yoga block filled with buckwheat that is slightly darker blue in color! It is awesome!!
Helen J.
I try to mix it up-seated, lying down, outside, in bed, in the living-room-wherever I feel like it in that moment as I do not have a dedicated meditation space yet. Once our renos are complete I will set up and small area in my office with a comfy pillow or chair.
Tiago O.
I don’t have a preference. For me, it depends on when I feel the need to meditate so it will depend on where I am at that time.
Nilo Q.
Sometimes a rug is just enough. It depends on the time you want to spend doing it. You want to sit comfortably enough to focus on your meditation but not as much as for falling asleep
Naomi Q.
I like using a chair. I need to work on my posture, and a chair with a back helps me check in with my spine the same way I do with my breath. I do want to “graduate” to a pillow in the future, but I’m not quite there yet.