How do you keep focus for a longer meditation session?

Susan X.
See an object before starting. Take a snap in your mind. While meditating you can focus on every breath and see it. Change conditions. Increase, decrease brightness of the snap.
Janet U.
Focus on the difference between each breath. Also I find that having a plant near me helps me focus on the scent and keeps me patient with the meditation.
Lea C.
It's really tough, but I find that observing my anxiousness or the impulse to get up can help me get past those moments of wanting to quit.
Ayten N.
The most traditional way is to keep coming back to your breath. Whenever you notice that your mind is wandering, pause, acknowledge the thought and go back to noticing your inhale and exhale.

It can be helpful to use a knotted cord or string of beads too. Each time you inhale and exhale, focus on passing one bead or knot through your fingers. Doing this on a strand or cord gives your mind a tangible bit of progress, but over time it also helps with the purpose of meditation – the strand or cord reverses and you begin again, renewing the calm and stillness in your mind.

Nathana L Z.
Mindfulness. When you find yourself thinking, say the word "thinking" in your head; the same with listening, moving, feeling. Acknowledge and gently recenter on the breath.
Stanislaw F.
I focus all my energy into the core of my body and concentrate on that part and feel the energy and then I breath in and move my focus to my breathing.
Isaac L.
Still learning to. Just gotta keep resetting when I notice the drift. And not giving myself a bad time over it. Keep present and calm. Breath in…. and out …. repeat 😉
Carmen C.
I don’t.
What I mean by that is I just don’t worry about it. If I lose focus that’s ok. It has always seemed to me that “focus” is not a helpful way to think about it anyway. It’s more just being present and aware without stress or rumination.
So when I find myself getting frustrated, I just remind myself that simply taking the time to sit with no distractions is already a success. There is really no such thing as a “bad” meditation session – and then I relax and give my mental self a little pat on the head and just count my breaths for a while.
Louisa P.
Well that's a great question… I usually do a 10 minute meditation so that I can control my thoughts and breathe
Ilija J.
I let my thoughts float by like clouds. I don’t let them bother me and see them as detached from my current presence.
If my thoughts start taking me away I just take a deep breath and reset to my presence
Emma W.
Sometimes is difficult, it's necessary to have a quiet and silence place. It's important to meditate because this habit help you, help your mind, help your day.
Kate X.
Just by retaining the focus back and back and back. There is no long time. It's just a long period with short intervals.