What tool, if any, is the most helpful while meditating? I personally use Mala beads, but would like to try more.

Andree U.
I use guided meditations like on meditation oasis. They help me to focus and calm me and remind me to be gentle with myself.

Elio Z.
Mala beads are a great way to refocus your mind when meditating. I like using a meditation bowl to center my thoughts and align my chakras. I am a beginner with with the bowl and typically use it at the beginning and end of the meditation.

Isolda Q.
Firstly, as of my experience, we need to understand or realize that meditation is not a process. Meditation is experiencing self, from moment to moment. In other words, it is living mindfully.

Now it sounds humorous when one will ask that what are the tools to look yourself in mirror! Wouldn't it.

What tools do we need to be ourself? Do we really need the help of anything, any person, process, or whatever, to just keep the attention right now right here?

To me it is no. I dont need any tools to be myself. I just need to be in the moment and observe the source of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Rest, all the tools will just make you dull. Supports are not always good.