is anyone able to meditate while driving without getting drowsy? what types of meditation would you suggest?

Amanda Y.
I would not meditate while driving. I like to close my eyes and completely focus on not thinking. This is not a safe combination with driving!
Madison O.
I don’t recommend mediating while driving because most guided meditations only want you to focus on your breath but if you are driving that is not a good idea. Although I think there are specific meditations for driving so maybe try that.
Axel G.
You could be feleing drowsy because of fatigue, or not being able to get a proper night's rest. Meditation relaxes our whole body, true, but if it does make you feel drowsy, I'd suggest get good rest and then meditate or meditating before the drive, as this would be a better option.
Michael O.
Not regular meditation. But you can practice mindful driving by controlling your breathing. Start with counting your breaths 10-1 over and over. Then you can try linear breathing. Count 7 for inhale and 7 for exhale. Be careful not to hyperventilate. If you get lightheaded slow down.
Wyatt Z.
A self love or empowerment meditation should energize you a bit. A mindfulness meditation should work well as could a breathing exercise because it will help you to stay alert.