I find it hard to meditate when I’m tired. Any thoughts?

Ana N.
Me too! Especially if I'm getting sleepy. I think it's normal, meditation involves focus, whicj is harder when you're tired. I suggest meditating first thing in the morning, when your mind is the least tired!
Valeria E.
I sometimes find it hard as well but I really enjoy meditating before going to sleep when I am tired. I get ready for bed and put some relaxing music on with a timer (I use 10 minutes) and get confortable in my bed. Start by taking some deep breaths and trying to feel my body, then try to release the tension from every small part of my body and turn my body off. You might fall asleep while doing it but that’s just a part of it.
Vicki C.
best time to meditate is after work when I’m tired and don’t feel like doing anything if I got home early l lay down on my room near the window or sit on a bench on the way from work and the sun on my face. lay down & close you’re eyes & relax u muscles & take in all of u surroundings the noise voices the air the people don’t fight it just focus on kicking out bad thoughts. no one said u can’t sleep after or during 🤣