What do you do when you need to meditation but cannot find a quiet place?

Teodemiro C.
Try meditating anyway. It’s a challenge! Just accept the noise and discomfort. Acknowledge it. Listen for all the noises you can hear — loud ones. Soft ones. Your own breathing. Just sit with it and let it crash around you.
Melinda Z.
I have been so distracted lately since traveling to Vietnam to visit my son and his wife who just had a baby yesterday. I have been doing everything l can to help. When l first got here and l am still struggling a little with the time zone change and the jetway. So l haven’t really been able to fine a quiet place to meditate, there’s moments l have closed my eyes and reflect in all the good around me.
Julian Z.
I do one of two things (sometimes both), if it’s too noisy I tend to meditate whilst wearing noise cancelling headphones or I meditate first thing in the morning or late at night when everyone in my household is asleep.
Ronnie T.
I close my eyes, visualize a great meditative session/place, and quiet my mind for a few minutes. If things are literally coming AT me, I breathe through it and to keep from being disappointed or even derailed for the day, I make an appointment with myself for a later session that day instead of morning!
Ruben X.
When I cannot find a quiet place, I block any nise out with calming music or let it continue and learn how to tolerate the noise of regular life and even enjoy it
Deborah Z.
I meditate anyways. Use the waking up meditation app by sam harris. He talks a fair bit about what meditation is really about, about sounds and meditating in public places. X
Susie U.
Headphones or earplugs to help calm the noise with sunglasses on in my car or work truck.

But first I plan to make time to have breaks so I am less likely to not be able to find a quiet space

Johanne C.
Focus inward and let sounds from your environment wash over your meditation practice as background noise, not the soundtrack.
Ernest Q.
I do a sound meditation, focusing on and using the noise around me. This works when writing too. Documenting every sound around me brings me into presence and calms me.
Jesse W.
Allow the sounds to be a part of your meditation! Notice them, notice how you feel about them, notice when you forget to notice them. Everything can be your practice. 💕
Isabella Z.
I start focusing on my breath, even with my eyes opened. This helps me come back to balance no matter where I am. Counting the breaths also helps.
Diedrich C.
As long as it's a safe place, it doesn't need to be quiet. Find a table at a cafe or a spot on a park bench or just sitting at your desk. If you listen to and accept the sounds around you and connect to your breath, you can meditate anywhere. And dont worry about looking strange, you won't.
Good luck!
Elouan Y.
I look for it.
I do stop any activity and I look for a perfect Place where to be with myself…
I need that Moment and I santi it…for me! 😄
Linda N.
I do something like hearing songs or drinking tea. Or you can also exercise as your meditation because it can release stress
Ma Wenn E.
I work at a hospital and I don’t have a routine because it doesn’t depend on me, so I decided to begin with a little task that could start a good habit. My intention is that it can motivate me to meditate, in the future, anywhere at anytime. Considering that and that I have always had trouble for disconnecting, relaxing and sleeping, I have decided to meditate every night after competing all my tasks, already in my bed. I don’t sleep while meditating because I try to extract the best of it. Therefore I set for different minutes every day depending on how I need to relax and how tired I am. As I have learned here, it is better to take small steps and reach the goal than try to reach the moon and stop at the first one. It has worked for me in any type of mood and difficult day that I have had and even in illness. So, what I feel is that it doesn’t come with a fixed solution. It depends much more on knowing your strengths and faults and being totally honest and comprehensive with yourself. I am really trying to teach this to myself and have been much happier since that approach has come to my life.
Tim Z.
I consider meditation a chance to practice finding my calm center even amidst chaos. Being in a noisy place is a challenge, and helps me refine my focus skills even more *because* it's difficult.
Christian F.
I sometimes head to the washroom and have a 2-3 minute breathing break. It helps to settle the mind until you can find a quiet space and a bit more time