Do you use sounds and smells (such as incense and candles ) during meditation? What are your favorites?

Jessica J.
I love the sound of rain. That being said, I tend to meditate in the shower. The sound & feel of the water on my body as I close my eyes helps me get into that relaxed state. It also helps drown out any noises that would distract me from meditating. I love it, & I feel so refreshed afterwards!
Ngelo T.
Sometimes, especially in the evening, but in the morning I tend not to. I tend to go for vanilla and sandalwood based candles, but I don't think there's a right answer here – it's what creates a calm but alert atmosphere for meditation for you and everyone is different in this regard so perhaps experiment and see what you prefer.
Eric R.
Not really, hadn't thought of doing that. But I'm very sensitive to smells so I don't think that would work for me. Sounds are important to keep me on track. I really need the guided meditation to be able to concentrate on it
Nicolai J.
That is completely up to you. Do whatever makes you comfortable. Continuing practice is the most important thing, so optimize your environment to create a calm, more inviting atmosphere. Candles, incense, The Moody Blues…

Knock yourself out!

L Andro Q.
Right now my focus in meditating is on grounding. I like to use scents that correspond with the time of day. An example of this would be an uplifting scent (citrus or mint, etc) in the morning and a calming scent (lavender or chamomile, etc) in the evening, etc. Sometimes the act of lighting a candle can be used to signify to our minds that we are going into a sacred time of day, and the scents, after a while, will further signify a time of peace and reflection, etc.
In S F.
No. those can add additional distractions as they trigger memories. Sounds also interrupt the natural process of thought. Makes it harder to naturally let go of the thou
Luis U.
Yes, I do. I have a aromatherapy device( air purifier/ oil scent ) that is color toned and timed. When I press the power button it automatically starts to change color. This is one way I keep my concentration during meditation.

In terms of sound.
It is just the cars zooming outside past my window pane, the water being mist through the air by the purifier and calming music.

My favorite smells that I really enjoy using are the lemon, vanilla,cinnamon and peppermint.

Hope this helps you.