I find keeping meditating routine in the evening hasnt been happening. However my morning routine is really full. What do?

Ami Z.
Maybe it's a good idea to start with a short meditation. I began mediating for about 5-7 minutes and I have been able to keep a 30-day streaks ever since.
Sylvie N.
Give up a morning routine and substitute it with meditation. Priority. For me it’s more important to meditate than take a shower for example. I’ll take my shower now at night.
Joanna Z.
do it anyway. stay up an extra 5 minutes to just sit. or meditate while you wait for coffee or tea to brew in the morning, even if only for a few minutes. you are capable of finding the time. i sit for at least 5min every night – it's part of my "go to sleep" routine. I'm trying to add 5 minutes in the morning, but keep getting distracted! so i have to make time to sit at night… still working on getting my morning routine established! to paraphrase suzuki roshi… even if you are the worst horse, you can still find the marrow of zen 🙏