How do you like to meditate?

Samuel Y.
I sit back again something straight, close my eyes and begin by taking deep breaths. Making sure to relax every part of my body when I exhale. I then focus on how each part of my body is feeling in that moment. Then my main focus is to keep an empty mind. When the mind wonders you should appreciate the thoughts you have had, but then quickly bring your focus back to an empty mind. The easiest way to do this is to focus on your breathing.
Elyse Z.
I like to meditate before bed. I sit upright with my sleep mask on, so I can stay focused even if I open my eyes. I only do a couple minutes of meditation at a time right now, but I’m hoping to get better 🙂 Hope this helps!
Mallika N.
I usually use guided meditations. There are options in this app and also on Headspace, Calm, and other apps/websites. There are also various types of meditations, such as walking or eating meditation. In general, I also like to journal about various topics, which can be meditative- as well as be very present and tune into my senses when I cook or create art.
Cheri Q.
I like to meditate in my favorite chair sitting crisscross applesauce with my hands facing palms up. This gives me a chance to take in any positive energies from my meditation and reflect
Victoria F.
Right now I like guided meditations, but I’m quite picky. Eventually I would like to be able to meditate without guidance.
Leilah Y.
Depends on how I'm feeling. When anxious, angry, or depressed, a guided meditation by someone with a soothing voice can help me feel supported and understood. At other times, soft music or silence with a set timer is enough to focus my mind. These days I only lay down for meditation before sleep, or after yoga. Otherwise I'm sitting up or standing so I don't get too sleepy in the process.