I feel like I always have to do a guided meditation to keep myself on track. Have you had any success with meditating on your own? Any tips?

Kawailani N.
Yes, with time you get better at it. It’s like a guided meditation in your head but with your own voice as the guide. I started off at 5 minutes and now I can do 15-20 minutes. You got it!
Iris E.
just keep practicing. its hard at first and I've gotten lost in my head and side tracked so many times, but I just pull myself back on track and focus on my breath. aldo something that helps me is to start my meditation and explore my thoughts, then move to a different location to actually meditate. but definitely focusing on my breathing helps the most
Louis E.
No. I also just listen to guided meditations. Sometimes I will do a quick body scan by myself but I much prefer a guided.
Carter O.
Guided meditation is a wonderful way to keep yourself calm and focus. Consistency is the key. Keep meditating at the same time daily. Try to focus on your breathing. Calm your mind. The rest will come with time.
Alma W.
Personally, I prefer a guided meditation, that way my mind stays focused. However, the definition of meditating is just to think about something and reflect on yourself. I find that even listening to music or watching the trees sway while waiting for the bus is like a sort of meditation. Hope I helped!! Good luck <3