What should I do if I want to sleep every time I want to meditate?

Kathy J.
My life is so busy that I often have trouble staying awake for meditation. A couple tricks that have helped me:
I try to meditate while sitting up very straight; focusing on keeping straight can keep me tuned in.
I'll sit right in the middle of my bed with my legs crossed (Half Lotus position, or "criss-cross applesauce"), facing sideways or facing the head of the bed; that sounds simple, but sometimes sitting in an out-of-the-ordinary way wakes my brain up.
I use the Fabulous "Breathe" exercises; they can wake me up just enough to get focused.
I turn down the air conditioning or open a window in winter; cold air helps keep me awake.
I use essential oils; taking a sniff of peppermint really wakes you up!!
I drink a cup of coffee or strong tea about 10 minutes before I start meditating; the caffeine either keeps me awake, or helps me to feel more rested after I've nodded off!
But the best way I've found of keeping awake for meditation is to meditate while I'm moving! I go for a walk, especially where there are trees or flowers; I do yoga stretches; I even meditate while doing mindless tasks like dishes, vacuuming, or laundry. Music through headphones or earbuds helps me tune out surrounding sounds and stay focused. Good luck!
Frederick F.
Your phrasing is a little unclear. If you want to continue with sleeping every time you meditate, just lie down as you meditate and close your eyes and you'll get there. If you want to prevent sleeping, sit up with your back straight or stand, whatever is comfortable so it doesn't interrupt your meditation. You can also try walking meditation, look it up for more info.
Bobby Z.
Getting sleepy is just another thing to be aware of. I've fallen asleep during meditation a lot, but I usually wake within fifteen minutes or so feeling refreshed. With meditation, you are practicing being in the moment. If being in the moment means you feel sleepy or even fall asleep, that's just something to be aware of– don't fight it.
Susanna U.
Pick a slightly less comfortable position, and follow your meditation with the one-minute "just get moving" exercise to get your blood moving.
Mathis A.
Well, I believe that meditation helps us to discover things within that are difficult to realize in our bustle day to day routines— so if through mediation you’re feeling sleepy, maybe allow time afterward for a short 20 min nap perhaps? Naps are great for mind, body and spirit!
Good luck!
Victor X.
Make sure that you meditate in a location and position that is slightly uncomfortable- sitting upright on the floor on a cushion with the light 💡 on in the morning instead of laying down in bed 🛌 with the light 💡 off at night. Also set your intention at the beginning of your session- are you trying to relax or are you trying to focus? Once you have in your mind what your purpose is, it will be easier to accomplish.
Gabin Q.
Try to imagine something that you want in future/ something that makes you happy/ peaceful. For me, I will imagine that I'm standing on the seashore as I feel that it is peaceful when I'm facing the sea.
Abigail O.
Shorten the meditation time at first, acknowledge the feeling of sleeping, try focus on awareness and its ok, even if its only for 30 seconds daily, keep a daily practice
Jeppe C.
Well it depends on what you're going for. If you meditate right before bed as a way to clear your thoughts in order to sleep, great! You've relaxed yourself to sleep. However, if you are going more for clearing your mind and trying to get in touch with your inner self, you may want to consider where you are meditating. Perhaps try sitting on the floor, or perhaps outside. Somewhere that wouldn't be very comfortable to fall asleep.
Isaac A.
Meditating is always about being half-asleep or relaxing, so if you decided to meditate in the peak of your work, when you are really tired it will happen anyways. And here are some little tips to follow:
1.Do not lie down on a bed while meditating .
2. Do not meditate if you are really tired.
Shawn U.
Definitely do not meditate laying down. Sit up and make sure your feet are touching the floor. And maybe don’t meditate on your bed but on a chair instead
Marion C.
I am still new to meditation but my take is focusing on your breathing and meditate on a comfortable place but not laying down. I sit on a chair personally.