What meditation apps do you use?

Abra O P.
I’ve been using Stop, Breathe & Think for almost two years now. It’s such a simple yet amazing meditation app with all kinds of meditations that suit your current mood. I also love that also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Stacey J.
I like to use the Calm app. It has many different meditations for different scenarios and, if you don't need a specific one, there is a daily meditation to help you get started.

Ryszard F.
I use the Headspace App. The book is great too! Another great book is 10% happier by Dan Harris. Both are fun and easy reads. I have been using the headspace app for over a year now. My mother uses the Calm app. You mught check that out as well 🙂

Armand O.
I started with one called Stop, Breath, Think. Its free with the option to buy additional packs. I got a lot of use out if it. Last year I moved to Headspace however which has less free option but the sessions are excellent and if your mental health is important to you then the subscription is well worth the price.

Silke Z.
I really like 10% Happier, it’s very user friendly, practical and offers different ways to meditate and access meditations benefits.

Naja C.
Hey I actually don’t use any meditation apps. For meditation I usually read the Bible then try to meditate and think deeply about what I read and how I can apply what I learned.

Arron E.
I use Headspace and Oak. I've tried others but always keep coming back to Headspace because the library is huge. They even have special audio for sleeping!

Mike P.
I actually don't use a meditation app, yet. I haven’t looked into one but I know it’s a service I’d really like. Would you have any recommendations??

Selma C.
I use insight timer. You can set times, unlimited, various midway bells and other stuff. They have lots of option from recordings, music, lectures. Or simple timer.

Nick W.
Well I use two different ones of course I use Fabulous and then there's calm I like them both about a year ago I was very sick my breathing was very short and difficult the doctor fixed my breathing with medication and I was watching TV and the screen went blue and said take a deep breath I got the app and have been meditating ever since I learned about the breath the present and how to live there I saw the Fabulous app and tried it it challenged me in a different way by creating habits to do each day and also the breath the present it's been one month with Fabulous a d about one and a half with calm

Malou U.
Easy. This one. There are a lot of guided meditations in Fabulous along with some soundscapes. All the apps are hit and miss (even this one) and I like having everything together if I can.

Don't get distracted from building better habits by hinting down the ”perfect app”. The best one is the one you use. Keep it simple.

Elmer C.
Right now trying out Calm, which I really like so far. Nice combination of a variety of guided meditations, sleep stories, masterclasses and more.

Lola T.
I use two applications. One is “Beatfulness”. This app plays binaural beats. It’s fantastic for meditation and all other mind working situations like deep work, concentrate in sports,..
Second is “Headspace “, a app to learn meditation with challenges

Caterina O.
I don't use any other meditation apps besides the one from fabulous at the moment, I use to use the one from an app called calm but because most of these apps restrict you in certain areas as to what features you can and can't use I deleted it as it's always about the money or paying some sort of subscription.