How long did it take before you have noticed impact of meditation habit on everyday life?

Aleksej E.
It took me about a week because when I started to meditate and I couldn’t really stop and it feels so good just take some time for yourself and meditate
Filippa C.
For me it starts having an I.mpact after 3 to for days. Feel alot calmer during the day. Can concentrate better as I'm alot calmer. But that's just me though.
Emily T.
Meditation has actively been a part of my life for many years. I used to teach clients how to meditate and most continued long after I had stopped seeing them as their therapist. I have written articles about its gifts. As soon as I started practicing regularly and removed the mystic around it, it started changing me into a calmer more peaceful person.
Eden P.
About three to five times. I love the instant gratification it brings, so that was noticeable immediately. But after 3-5 sessions, I realized that I was bringing it with me into my day, meditating in frustrating situations in public.
Valentine B.
I don't know. Because I already have my reason to do meditate in the mourning. I do this for a purpose. Not doing first and think later
Craig Z.
I have done meditation for 2 months. Silent meditation, I have not noticed any impact – likely because my regular life is quite silent already and so I have lots of time for myself.

However, affirmations and subliminals have changed my life quite a bit. The effect is immediate. And very noticeable when I do it routinely everyday.

Visualizations as well have helped me to know myself, what I want, and remember what I need to do to achieve them.

Elizabeth S.
I haven’t noticed a change yet because I’m still just beginning. It’s still really hard for me. But breath work really works especially in the moment
Isabella Y.
It took me a little while to find a specific meditation that worked for me. At first I generally found it a weast of time, but there are many different meditations(guide videos, music, etc..) out there. The trick is just to find one that works for you. Fills you with energy (I personally prefer morning meditations) and peace.
Leslie P.
I did it only 1 time yet. After 3-4 minutes I was relaxed and let go my day away. Anyway it was a great success day so I wasnt tense. Meditation was a new relaxing way to me
Hector F.
It took some time… I used to do it from time to time with no results until I noticed that I sometimes meditate even without noticing, like walking or jogging. Now, I feel difference even with few minutes and sometimes, I catch myself meditating for over a hour in the lotus position. I know it’s not what you wanna hear but I guess it’s different from person to person. Just keep going!
Luka Y.
The short answer is it took about a week. The long answer is I’ve tried meditation on and off for a long time but it never really had any impact on me, not in the same way I’ve read or heard. It wasn’t till recently when I started to use a guided meditation app that I had any progress. And even using the app, it was on and off trying again over several months with little effect. But this last time, everything came together. Everything had to align – the right setting to start (quiet and comfortable – but not too comfortable), the same time every day, the same techniques every time. I had to find the right process for me, for it to all finally come together. I now notice and feel the impact of meditation in my daily life. All it took was one week but the right week after years of start and stop attempts.
Ellen P.
I have answered this question before and don’t have a copy of that.
Want to answer it again here in one line.
When I stopped seeing the impact of meditation is when I realised it had impacted me.
It becomes part of life and you don’t see it as a treatment or beneficial activity. You stop seeing outcome of this ans that’s when you have arrived.
But when you skip a week or two, you know it in your sleep/ communication/ decision making/ relationship/ office work/ breathing/ thinking …. ans so on. You know it when you are not meditating and so you know the impact.
Brooke P.
I suppose it took at least a month or two to see a large impact. However some of that impact felt connected to shifts in my attitudes and responses to mental events which I had been cultivating on the meditation cushion. In that way what you get out is a function of what you put in. I think it also has potential to increase your general level of attention by amplifying the signal of what you’re attending to and silencing the surrounding noise. That part of it is harder to say definitively if it is significantly different but I do think it has had an impact there as well.
Andrea W.
Well am not sure if meditation has impacted my everyday life…..vmaybe yes , but I have changed some bad habits of mine , become more patient in situations where I would have blown up previously…. Not sure if this is due to meditation, as I also read a lot to change myself for better and always try to be better
Mathilde A.
Honestly, I am only now starting to notice changes. I tried meditating on and off for a year, but the last three months, I grew consistent.
Only then did I see any changes.
Julio B.
I think I noticed some effects immediately, it's been almost a year now. I know I have many positive effects and am regularly learning new things.