How do you stay consistent with your practice?

Regina N.
I have made it a priority. If I’m not at the top of my game and consistent then I am of no help to anyone else. Before, I used to feel selfish when I put my needs in front of my family. Now I realize that self care is what makes me a good mother, wife, friend and community member.
Lori N.
I'm still trying to figure this out. I think maybe scheduling a certain habit at a certain time of day bi matter what.
Neurani W.
I think the key for me is to forgive myself for missing some days. Fabulous helps with this by offering a "Restart" in the "Get Inspired" section of the morning routine. Good luck! ☺️
Eliza T.
For me it all starts when my alarm clock goes off. Whether I am working or not I get up at 6:30 every day and immediately begin to reflect on all of the things I'm thankful for. Closing my eyes and stretching as I practice gratitude. I mentally check boxes as I go about my mornings, from the bed to the coffee maker, then I prepare my breakfast and go for a walk to get a newspaper. Now that I've got my juices flowing, I sit and meditate. After I meditate I read for 30 minutes and then finish up my morning routine with 15 minutes on Duolingo learning Swedish followed by a 7 Minute Workout routine.
I am on day 43 now, and at first it was kind of tough, with lots of alarms and notifications reminding me to better myself. As time went on these habits became second nature and I was able to turn off all reminders and now my mornings are the favorite part of my day 🙂
Diana C.
I've been using fabulous for two years.
I've failed over and over again. I have uninstalled the app twice, re-subscribed, and failed again.
I turn off the notifications on Saturdays and Sundays. For me – routine needs a break. I need the break weekly. Sometimes I unintentionally do my routine on the weekends, because it IS a routine. Its automatic.
Give yourself permission to start again and let go of the fail.
The only true fail is when you Stop trying.
Zoey U.
By following strictly the little routines, every little positive change, glass of water in the morning, being grateful for insignificant seemingly little things, it all works on a bigger scale by implementing positive change.
Deann Q.
I use reminders: on my phone, in my planner, and notes to myself. It also helps knowing how good it feels making healthy changes in my life.
Maximilian Q.
I try not to think about it as being consistent. Instead, I try to turn each activity as an automatic action. I go through the motions of doing each new behavior as if I have always done it. My logic is, if I tell myself I am starting a new jet or new excerise, I will start to do it. After a short time, I feel like I am forcing myself to do something unnatural. The result is that I always find a reason to quit. My new approach is, I don’t think about it as a new diet, workout, etc, and i don’t look at it as a commitment. I just “do it” and I do each “it” in small, baby steps behavior. I try not to overthink it, I just do it and this way, it seems easier t be consistent. It is, if you like, a “Taoist” approach. I get up and follow the way of living that we’ve learned is good for you, and by following my tao or way, each new behavior is becoming a part of me. It takes the pressure off of following a new this or that. I take the “trendiness” out of it. See if this approach works for you. Here is another secret: If you forget to do a habit, or, you just don’t feel like doing something, dont do it. Start again tomorrow. Don’t feel guilty, because, you did nothing wrong! It’s like breathing. You just do it. If you forget to reathe, your body will let you know, and from then on, you will breathe as a normal function each day. Peace.
Marietta U.
Firstable I set the right goal to each practice, the goal that keeps me committed and secondly I celebrate each achievement or ritual everyday. The positive emotion contributes a lot on track.
Aur Lien E.
I follow my schedule to develop the habit, I try to start with good mornings that will help carry moment throughout thr day and lastly, just need to think on the bright side of life
Andrew P.
I think I have to stick to the plan, be friendly and firm to myself and keep reminding me my goals. I also think that it is crucial that I trust the plan I make. And stick to it. Even though I get down and sometimes dwell in melancholy, I need to stick to the plan to get out of it.