How do you redirect your thoughts or quiet them during a 5 to 10 minute meditation?

Jan R.
You do this by acknowledging them. Every time you catch yourself thinking, just say " I am thinking " and redirect your attention to your breathing. With the time, less and less thoughts will come.
Cassie N.
I will focus on my breathing. Then I’ll focus on tension that I feel and work on releasing that tension. Then I will use all my senses that I can. So, I mostly use touch and hearing. When I have thoughts I acknowledge them, but I allow them to pass by like water in a stream.
Natalie Y.
Every time your thoughts drift away just gently refocus on your breath. As long as you are focusing on your breath, you are in the present moment. It’s normal for thoughts to come so don’t try to push them away. Just notice them and let them float by.
Benita F.
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Orlandino N.
By focusing directly on my breathing. If i have a knot in my chest (anxiety) directing my breath there, and releasing it with my breath out. When a thought comes through, I acknowledge it and focus back on my breathing again