Is mediation about focusing on not thinking or focusing on something specific, such as following a specific breathing pattern or directing healing energy through the body, or…?

Skye N.
There are many different things meditation can be for. But it really depends on what you want to achieve through meditation.
Liv O.
Meditation is more about trying to really be in touch with your body and your breath putting you in a calming but conscious state. It’s okay if you have thoughts during meditation you should take the time to acknowledge them, but then refocus your attention on breathing to recenter. It’s also perfectly normal to go into some meditations wanting to focus on something and take some distraction free time to think or reflect. I think as long as you are focusing on yourself you can’t really do meditation wrong, as long as you do what feels good for you.
Natty N.
For me, it is more about not focusing on something specific, but more of focusing on being present in the current moment. It is about letting go, freeing your mind, and enjoying the beauty of the stillness, the calmness, and the quietness that this time brings to your self.