How many times a day do you meditate?

Michail R.
I meditate twice a day: in the morning and before I go to sleep. Sometimes I meditate when I become agitated or nervous to calm my spirit
Anneli F.
I have started doing once a day and finding it difficult. But it is really helping me. I believe that twice a day should be enough but you should do it properly.
Prac Dio Q.
Hi, I always wake up, drink a glass of water from my trusty thermos which sits on my night table. And then, I do a meditation on what I will be doing during the morning. I love it. It gets the sleepyness out of me and sets me up for doing my hour of stretching.
I always meditate just before I go to sleep. It is a great help as I used to take hypnotics because of how long it took me to sleep and to stay in the kind of sleep, so that I wake up ready to get the day starting.
During the day, if I am having a problem getting into my rituals, I will have a reasonably short meditation session, to help me to focus on the habit about which I am having trouble. I find that these short meditations are helpful and make my habits, routines and journeys much easier to maintain.
I do not tend to use Mindfulness meditations as I find that they spend most of their time focusing on my physical feelings,
while breathing, rather than focusing on my understanding what I am doing wrong, while doing the meditation.
I may be rock solid wrong about the meditation, I am probably a stubborn person (true), but I find thatvwhatbI an doing is helping and working for me.
I really do ho hope that I may have given you some ideas of how I meditate. There are many, many, different tpyes of meditation and myriads of different topics of use for these meditations. I use Headspace and calm mostly, but Fabulous has much to offer, on different days, I use different apps for help to get myself to do something.
I wish you good luck in finding the meditation for you, along with good health, great happiness and a lot of laughter in your life. Bye bye.
Caroline I.
For now, just once, formally, using my app. But I am trying to have quiet moments of reflection during the day when I feel things starting to build and I get—literally—overheated. I would like to be able to meditate more often, because I am starting to see some benefit.
Eden C.
I try to meditate 3 times a day, in the morning whilst I am walking around the block 10 minutes, in the afternoon 10 to 20 minutes concentrating on a particular theme (anxiety, creativity, etc) and before I go to bed to ease my mind 10 minutes also.
Edgar O.
Meditation is mindfulness. In formal meditation, you do nothing else. Once a day is enough. But for mindfulness, that “meditative feeling”? Do it all the time.
Sofia C.
Just once a day at the moment: each day just before I go to bed. My goal is to do it in the morning too, but I don’t want to try to many New habits at once.