How do you cope with reoccurring thoughts while meditating?

June Z.
Part of the success or meditation is being aware of those thoughts and facing them. I observe them. Breath away from them. Some times imagine them as clouds ☁️ passing by: they come close, and keep moving, away.
Assun O C.
As soon as you notice the thought, don’t judge it and let it go. Treat it as a cloud passing the sky, don’t give it much attention.
Gerta Z.
It’s importent to have repentence constantly, even though there have been occasion’s where trauma has occurred or instancences where event’s take place it’s importent to understand that even though I believe you are all perfect to me there are reason’s for the non equalness in society because there is not an equal person capable of being an equal or equal to the value of the other. Respect is importent too.
Signe C.
Actually meditation is my gateway from all stress of the day, I put on my earphones close my eyes and pay attention to my breath or to the music gradually I am disconnected from any thoughts! If any thoughts are coming I let it pass through but not force it to go away.
I like guided meditation more as it allows me to focus more on relaxing and hearing my own body’s reaction.
Wibke U.
Coping with reoccurring thoughts while meditating can be difficult, there will always be reoccurring thoughts. It's how we recognise them and bring our focus back that means so
K Vim C.
I note"thinking". Then I mentally say "Welcome back to now. Welcome back to here. " I keep using the welcome thought instead of critizing myself for getting lost in thought.
Jesse F.
The point of meditation is to sit with the mind and focus on the breath and when thoughts arise noticing then and then gently guiding the focus back to the mind
Dwayne O.
Let them pass by like clouds. I see and am aware of them and just watch them drift by, not trying to hold onto or becoming obsessed with them. I just let them float on by.
Gary U.
I picture a string attacked to the top of my head. When I mentally pull up on the string my body lengthens allowing for a full slow breath. When I let the string go, the weight of my body gently pushes the breath out.
Sabri X.
I have not considered how I cope with reoccurring thoughts I exam in the top sometimes not knowing that is reoccurring because my thoughts are so scattered and often reoccurring because I obsessively think about things to find understanding or a solution
Ricarda J.
You don’t cope with them. You acknowledge when you become aware of them. Then go back to your breath. If you have to do that 100 times, that’s part of the journey.
Jeffrey E.
When I have a thought, I simply just take a moment to think, write it down if important, and then focus on my breathing and the sensations in the body that pull me back to meditation. You can do it!