How long did it take you to start seeing an effect on your daily life and habits by meditating regularly?

Licelima S.
I still haven’t seen any effects but it makes me feel good and less stressed in the moment, it also makes me feel more accomplished.
Priya E.
Took me a year to get into the habit but once it was established it took me a month or so to see the benefits ie mental and physical benefits. Now when I don’t follow habits I feel less productive and more overwhelmed.
Jito N.
It depends on which habit or activity you’re going to develop, but I usually see the result one month to a year after.
To be more patient during the journey, it’s crucial to focus on the fact that “ every moments counts”.
You can’t use watercolor in your painting when you don’t know how to use it. It’s sometimes disappointing, but your body and mind are changing slowly for sure.