After some practice…can we really trust and make the difference between our intuition voice and our mind voice?

Benjamin G.
Yes I believe that is possible but I'm still trying to get there with the help of some Fabulous friends I intend to make it and will keep at it till I do

Alfeu O.
I think my mind wanders a lot in a waking state, so I hard to go out from mind. For intuition voice I have to be calm, but I am not so much, but I am trying to be not compulsive and to be relaxed.

Agathe Z.
For my self I think we can. If you practice to stay conscious and focus on your body movement long enough. You will have the ability to detect the voice more often. Then another voice will come in with another choice of action when something happrnen. So you will have time to think more and choose the best action possible. But don't forget that doing nothing in some situations can be the best action. Hope this help.

Miqueias F.
Intuition and thought seem more like fingers on the same hand to me. You really do better to grasp something with all your faculties, experience, status of authority, and grounding beliefs. Why leave anything out if you can help it.