Which type of meditation do you like to practice most?

Amy N.
Breath awareness is my current favorite. With so much stress in my life right now, it’s so nice to have one simple thing to focus on…which brings me to my second reason I love this type of meditation. I can always use work on my focus
Peter Z.
Fabulous app has a few meditations, and there is a lot of mindfulness material for free online
I mostly use the Headspace app
Adam F.
Any type of meditation that helps me recenter and focus. I’m a very sporadic type of person with thoughts racing a million miles an hour so I find it quite freeing to meditate in the mornings after my workouts so I can get focused for the day. I like to just meditate with a short hum in the background that I usually pull off the internet but guided meditation (one with a person’s voice) is great when I’m meditating for lengths I’m not comfortable with yet.