Should I meditate in silence or with peaceful music?

Phil Fleming
Both. Sometimes peaceful music can really get you in the mood and provide a nice environment for your meditation. Other times silence is what you need. You will know when you need silence

Art Riley
Why don’t try both and see what you prefer? Or perhaps choose depending on how you’re feeling that day? I like to use music sometimes and use it as an anchor, so every time i get distracted I use it to bring me back to the present moment. Hope this helps!!
Love & Light

Rosa Beck
I think it should be what works for you. I prefer silence, which is never really silent. As I meditate I take in the sounds rain on the roof outside, or wind, or even the clink of my baseboard heaters, and it forms a kind of natural music that I find very comforting. As I meditate I find I am in a place apart from my surroundings yet still connected to the world.