Do you practice meditation mindfully?

Jen Z.
My way of meditating is a bit different. What works best for me is starting a weird story and letting my mind take over. It's much more relaxing than anything else I have tried.
Al Xis F.
I try to. Mindfully implies that there is a level of consciousness and I feel the true purpose of mediation is to help you reach pure consciousness. Nevertheless, at the same time being mindful to the point of acute awareness can make you to stick in your own head when you should be focusing your attention in coming into the body. I think your intention before your practise should be mindful and during you should allow yourself to succumb to the pure consciousness
Camila C.
I try to
I’m getting started in the meditation journey and I’m loving it. I don’t push myself and I try to be patient and respect my rithme
Alyssia C.
I believe so. I’m not really sure what you’re “supposed” to do when you meditate. I start by focusing on my breath and grounding myself and tuning into my mind. I then go over what I need to focus on that day, what i would like to work on and what I am going well. I believe I do so mindfully and it contributes to my overall wellness.
Natty G.
I work on disconnecting from my thoughts and becoming an observer, when I meditate I just try to relax and feel the energy flowing through me, another thing I work on detaching from my energetic cords that may have been attached in my past such as weed, my affliction to saying I'm shy. I know that my angels are always with me providing me with unconditional love, acceptance and vibration.