Why do some people think that you have to go *OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM*during meditation

Annamaria F.
You don't have to do OMMMMMMMMMM. The purpose of meditation is to quiten the mind .

It would be much better if you put your attention on your breath and feel how it flows through you.

In due course of time your mind will be engaged in it. It will be quite.

However this alone is not sufficient.

You then have to feel any feeling(love) and enlarge it so that every cell in your body feels lovely. Do it by remembering any beautiful episode of your life.

Then your soul will be satisfied.


Love is all we need – John Lenon.

Luna O.
Although I don't do this personally, I think that people do this additional action during meditation to help them become more focused on the task at hand: meditating. Not to mention, there is research in the impact of music and sound on one's mind and body. Perhaps it has something to do with that? Really, I think the main thing is that it helps a person focus and become fully involved in the task at hand by involving more senses.
Casara P.
There’s a lot of different types of meditations: mindfulness, thought experiment, mantra based, and yes, chanting. The chanting based meditations are maybe the easiest to remember and so alienate? Chanting « OM » or « ONG » has its roots in simply adding the vocal chords to the meditation experience. It’s thought of as another way to widen your awareness and focus on the present.