How do you incorporate meditation in the evening if each evening is different due to your schedule? Meditation in the morning is not suitable, because I’m already working on different habit changes in the morning.

Juan Q.
True meditation is the science of using the awareness to gain insight, understanding or information and to Become or Be the Being and to acquire higher states of awareness and mind and understanding. So if you can only devote 5 minutes just before bedtime to acquire a feeling of Being (like a feeling of Being well, Being love, joy, prosperity, oneness or whatever) or just to develop the power of concentration or reflect the day and try to understand something that occurred that day, progress is being made in the right direction. A walking meditation can be done at any point in the day if it is more convenient. But ultimately, in order for any form of meditation to take place, it has to be a priority in one’s life to acquire insight or understanding, then devoting time will be important, even if only 5 minutes can be devoted.
Othmar F.
First of all you have to set a time for your meditation 🧘‍♀️ every day then in this that you are busy and can’t do it so do it in other time
Taylor P.
I try my best to meditate when I get into bed- it’s the last thing you do and it never changes with a schedule -at some point you go to sleep! Another way is as soon as I’ve had dinner I will go meditate. It takes some getting used to for other members of the family.
Alex Q.
With a busy schedule i would start with a short meditation just before bed as part of your bedtime routine. 5 to 10 mins of silence and stillness. Vibrational music 🎶 is what I use to help me meditate. It depends on the voice if I use a guided meditation, must be comforting and confident. I didn’t think I would be able to meditate with my anxiety, I surprised myself that I can do it well now! Most important is to give in to total relaxation of the body and mind.
Marie Q.
You have to sleep. So, when you’re laying, trying to sleep, you can meditate. There’s no right or wrong for meditation, just like there’s not a rightful position. Start concentrating on your breath feel the point when you can actually feel it, like the air through your nose or maybe the chest raising, you can try by saying in your mind inhale exhale.