Do you schedule your meditation?

Naila X.
Not really… Whenever I get the time I meditate… I want to specify the time for meditation but just can't go with that so I just go with when I have time.
Devin Q.
Not really, no. I try to get it done in the mornings around the hour after I wake up, but sometimes I can't do it then, either because I get distracted or don't have the time. In those cases, I meditate in the evening
Zeel Z.
In a manner of speaking. I've made a commitment to myself that I'll listen to a meditation as I fall asleep if I haven't made time to listen to one consciously all day.
Stephanie Z.
I do schedule time for meditation. I meditate once in the morning, which will set my intentions for the day, then as I am getting ready for bed, I do my windown and reflect. Depending on the day, I will choose to do more if I need extra help with what I am dealing with (i.e. stress, anxiety, depression, worry). I also use meditation to tap into parts of me that I thought were closed. For example, I am in the process of fixing my inner child and tune in my intuition. I heavily rely on meditation as it balances me. So much insight can be brought forward when we are being mindful. When I don't meditate, I find my life slips away from me. I am no longer balanced, controlled, and often am all over the place with my emotions. I cannot say enough of how much meditation has changed my life for the better. It was a process to learn to sit with my breath at the beginning. Now, no longer an issue. I strongly recommend anyone to do at least one session of meditation and mindfulness a day. Watch the positive start to roll in.
Caroline J.
Kind of! My intention is to do it in the morning before I get out of bed. However, if there is something pressing or I get distracted, I do it whenever I have the time. Usually around bedtime. “Scheduling” beyond making it a part of my general to-do creates resistance and/or activates negative self-talk in me so I am trying a new approach. Getting it done is what’s important but also if I don’t that’s okay! Sometimes taking care of myself in other ways means I can’t find the time.
Toni U.
Initially you need, will regularly say it. But is as to you. For me is better to schedule the meditation hour to create the habit of meditate, after your own ask for more meditation during the day's, you will not need more schedule a session 😉
Bart Jan Q.
I try to put it at a point of the day were working is starting to be more tiresome. In the morning I'm busy with school, and than about when I'm taking a break to eat something, right after that, I start meditating. Both because following up another habit is easier than to just plan a time for a habit, and because after lunch I usually have a bit of a productivity dip anyways.

So my tips: link them to a habit you already have, and meditate on a time you feel meditating goals are best coming out.

Mariya Z.
Yes I do
I do not have a rigid fixed time to meditate however I make sure I meditate once in the morning and once during study break to ensure mental peace
Ellie C.
Yes, I do. But sometimes meditating when it is not scheduled is good as well.
I schedule it in the morning but if am not able to focus I do it in the evening and enjoy it.
River G.
I try to. I try meditate around 8:00 pm, and I usually go to bed around 8:40. I don’t do it in the morning much. It can ge great to schedule meditations though. At a certain time every day. This way, it becomes habit
Autumn U.
I’ve been trying to meditate right after my first cup of water for the day. So maybe meditating right after a certain habit will help make it a habit for you 🙂
Amelia N.
Honestly no I try to everyday but some days it’s just harder so I don’t force it but when I feel the urge to or am needling to then I will. xx
Everalda T.
no, because I often find that I don't have the time and or the motivation to do it, so if I schedule it I feel bad by not completing it and or I feel stressed about having to complete it.
Mette Y.
No, i usually meditate in the morning, but there are Days where I don't have the time, and these Days I meditate when I get home or in the evening
Alyssa U.
Honestly no now that may not be the best for me but I like to do it when my mind is full of peace and at my ease sometimes in the mornings I might be anxious or mad or I might be that way at night sumtimes I feel at peace when I'm done with a task and my head is all clear so tbh it's not about the timing well from my perspective that is.
Michelle F.
No not really I do it for a few minutes when I wake up to start my day. If I feel overwhelmed during the day I will take five minutes to breathe and meditate to get back control. Then I will meditate before bed to help me unwind from a busy day and rest. Hope this helps
Ali O.
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Parul I.
Yes I have set a reminder in the app for the morning. In the morning because when you wake up your mind is fresh and if the first few activities that you do during morning can change the whole day. I meditate and set my goals for the day. And from today's mediation I learnt that persistence is the key to success. So I will keep persisting the morning schedule of mediation.
Piyush C.
Yes I do but it's not like I'm able to abide by it each day. But yeah I make sure that the time of beginning lies in the range of 10-15 mins around the scheduled time 🙂
Carla E.
Yes, I try to do it every morning before to go to work, in that way I can start with a sense of wisdom and clarity that I always need to calm my brain
Gavina N.
I do meditation for at least 5 minutes every day, for which I did not Schedule🤔
If you want to increase the strength of your brain, you can meditate more ✌
Gisa R.
I schedule mine for the evening, just because that’s when I feel the strain of the day. I have an alarm set for 10pm, so right before I’m getting ready for bed. If I want to do it earlier I do, but it’s generally around that time. 🙂
Anastasha O.
Yes I schedule my meditation to keep me on track in my journey, to reach the destination I dreamed of.. Hope one day I would stop dreaming, not because I'm hopeless, but because my dreams have come true
Tanya H.
Yes. I find it easiest to schedule my meditation just before bedtime and after all my nightly chores are done. The session at night is mandatory and every other time is just need based, i.e., if I need to meditate, I still do it any time of the day.
Ingrid O.
Every day somewhat about 2 pm I seemed to have a blank spot in my schedule of the for me is that the perfect time to meditate.I won’t be too hard on myself anymore, it’s okay to meditate one day at 1:15 and the other at for instance 2:20.
Dwayne C.
I do my meditation after my morning exercise, this way I know I've done it. The fixed routine makes it easier for me to keep doing meditation daily.
Stefania C.
i usually schedule my meditation. in the morning i do 10 minutes after i go to the bathroom so i feel more light. in the evening i meditate after my technology hiatus and before going to bed
Adrienne J.
I used to try. But then I’d get discouraged if I didn’t get to it. Now I meditate in the morning before my coffee or right before I leave for work. Which feels like a more “flexible schedule” for me
Alfredo O.
Honestly not because I still do not care so much and I do it mostly on the spur of the moment
And I do not spend much time on it
But you know .. it makes me go into space
And I have a lot of fun with it
Jenny S.
I try to, but I often find that I simply need to at different points of the day so still often fit it in, even if it isn't scheduled