To what degree do you suppress your thoughts when you meditate? Do you store any or do you let them all go?

Rick U.
You may play a sleep music sit in a meditative position so actually you are sleeping but you are meditating too and when you are completely lost through the music you will dream and initially as you are not asleep you store them all but only if your posture is perfect and the music must be direct in you ears so all is set then follow it from shrinwanti
Lauren A.
Generally I'll notice a thought, try to observe it and let it pass by bringing my focus back to the breath. I do take note though when a thought is recurring. I'll return to the breath as much as possible during my practice and if the thought is important enough, it will still be there when I'm done meditating. Having faith that the thoughts I actually need will not be forgotten during practice is very helpful in getting my awareness back on the breath. I just remind myself that I've carved out this time for a reason and I deserve the time and space to think, recharge, make mental room, slow down, and regain balance and perspective.
Larissa X.
I don't think about thoughts when I meditate 😁 I just focus on the the of the mediation or on my breathing. That substitutes easily the thinking. You have to trick the mind to do what you want 😁
Alina F.
I never suppress my thoughts. I simply note them and return my attention to my breathing. If there is something particularly important emerging in my mind, such an epiphany or inspiration, I always remember it. Actually such moments are the reason why I meditate. But I never try to force them.
Isadora I.
The point of meditation is not to stop your mind, its to learn to be able to let go of thoughts that are borhering you and make room for what is important
Zane C.
I actually suppress almost all my thoughts, but my struggle is that they keep coming up during the meditation no matter how hard I try to suppress them.