What do you think are the disadvantages of meditating with ambient music?

Alan P.
It depends on what type of meditation you are doing,
if you're trying to get to a point where you're focusing on the emptiness of your mind then it could be distracting.
Kenya F.
Some ambient music follows a naritive in tone and tune. For someone with a creative mind, this leads my brain to drift into creation for the tune. I do better with guided meditation or randomised sounds.
Kala O.
It all depends on your mood. Sometimes I prefer guided meditation because I cannot sit still with simply ambient music but sometimes I enjoy listening to music or even silence depending on how I feel
Killian Z.
Simple answer for this one, it’s just one more thing to be distracted by I find, meditation is time spent solely with yourself listening to and feeling every movement your body makes. I feel like music would drown this out
Denise P.
Great question. Hm.. Well I know I prefer to do certain types or guided meditations over another one. It all depends on how I feel honestly.

I really dont know. Id say to mix it up OR w.e. is comfortable for you. I know thoae binural beats are supposed to help chakras etc. dependant on frequency. I am NOT sure if harm can be done from using them /how you use them (loud or just background noise etc). I think any type of meditation consistently will benefit rather than not.

Wish I couldve helped better. Ill have to look into it at some point. Im very curious.

Happy new year etc.:)