What time of day do you find meditation most refreshing or invigorating?

Nora C.
Definitely first thing in the morning, but I find it difficult to do consistently so end up meditating before bed more often than not. If you’ve got the drive to get up early enough to do it in the morning though then that’s what I’d recommend.
Jeffery B.
I like to start the day with a short one to set intentions. Then a longer one later usually mid evening to give me one more burst of energy.
Sofie W.
Actually went to a meditation retreat at a monastery. When I was there mornings were really difficult but overall the best – though it was pretty early and waking up was tough…
Nikolaj Z.
For me, meditating in the morning helps set my intentions for the day and start out right. In the early afternoon, after lunch, meditation helps calm
and refocus the thoughts and feelings that have surfaced. In the evening, mediation helps prepare my mind for sleep.
Gladys O.
I like to meditate in the evenings right before bed. It’s helps me fall asleep quickly if I take the time to clear my mind first.
Tyler F.
I prefer either right when I wake up or right before I’m about to go to bed. I feel like meditating before the day starts helps me get in a good mindset and frame how I will put myself first as I go about my day. Meditating at night helped me quiet my mind so that I can actually drift off to sleep.
Adam U.
I find meditating in the morning just starts my day off right. I am not a morning g person by nature, but meditating shortly after I wake up helps put me in the right mindset for my morning.