What is the results meditation continuously has brought to you after four weeks-some often practice?

Rebekah O.
Time to stop with a reason. Clarity, feeling good at the end. Tried using Reverie, but there is no sign or bell to say when you are done, so reverted back to Headspace
Naz Y.
Depends on the type of meditation you do. I meditated to calm down my anxiety. It served as a mini therapy session. Fast. I was interested to learn the techniques. The breathing and labeling techniques helped me. The breathing helped by calming the physical aspect of anxiety and the labeling by the mental aspect of anxiety. I did 5 to 10 mins everyday for two weeks.
Gileade Z.
I’m more aware of my surroundings and when I do sit down to meditate I am transported to a different place , not aware of the time ticking by .
Ellie x