How do I concentrate my mind during meditation?

Norman G.
Its hard at first, the more you meditate the easier it will be. Try not to think of anything specific, listen to calming music and let your thoughts come to you and float away with the music. I love spotify yoga and meditation playlists as just a background to me concentrating on my breathing. Hope this helps!
Juan Y.
I’m still learning, but there’s two methods that help me. First one, I focus on the flow of air/breath entering and exiting my lungs. Second one, I count the breath going in and the one going out. When I get to 10 I restart it.

In the end, it’s normal for your mind drift away. The only way to make a difference is by practicing everyday, because just like with working out, change takes time. You’ve got this and I believe in you! 🙌🏽

Jenne Z.
You go into your body with your awareness. Try to feel your feet, your legs, your arms, your breath.
Focus on the things you feel. You can include things you hear and things you think. Just let them all be there
Lucy E.
Breathe slowly out of the mouth. Slowly guide your focus down your body. Feeling itsweigh t. Observe reality but don't interact. Keep eyes shut.
Chris C.
Slowly. Start with deep breaths, then touch of your legs against the seat, then a body scan and finally on your breath. Breath work should be more subtle over a period of 10 minutes
Natalie N.
I can concentrate by focusing on my breathing or myself. Being aware of my body helps a lot! I also will pick something like a subject or a topic to meditate on
Dominique Z.
I focus on my breating. In and out. If it helps you can count silently to ten. 1 inhale. 2 exhale. 3inhale and so on. When you notice youre drifting off then gentle bring your attention back to the breath and continue with the next number. It becomes easier the more you do it.
Britt O.
I just try to focus on my breathing and the quietness around me then i try focusing on what my body is doing and just try to enjoy that calm