Don’t you find it easier to complete your Meditate routine while lying down? I find it easier to relax my muscles that way.

Teresa Z.
Honestly it depends on how comfortable the chair is, but there are definitely some times where I just feel better lying down on the floor rather than just sitting in a chair
Andrea S.
I prefer sitting up. The great thing is both work! It's more about the mind than the body, anyway. If you look at the research, it doesn't matter what type of meditation you do. Almost all types work to quiet the mind wandering!
Sami E.
It is not advisable to lie down while meditating simply bcuz its very easy to fall asleep during meditation even in the sitting posture, much more in the lying down posture. And since u have no physical ailment then u r advised to sit, do walking or even standing meditating. The only time to use sitting meditation, is right before sleep.
Yara N.
Sometimes, but i truly believe you should challenge yourself and try to relax and be present even in some challenging positions, that’s the point of it all! It won’t be easy or perfect everytime but it’s not necessarily supposed to be that way so don’t get discouraged if you find it difficult. Best of luck on your journey!
Leanne F.
Yes for me personally I have to agree though I can do sitting up but I prefer lying down especially when I meditate before going to sleep.