Do you have any techniques to make meditation easier?

Lucas Rasmussen
I usually select a time before sleeping. That makes me ease of the whole days stress and gets me ready for the goid night's sleep.

I also do it on my bed and in my room where there is privacy and also comfort which is much needed.

And always have some soothing music on the background.

Brad Murray
#1 thing is: don’t judge yourself for not doing it “right” or “long enough”. If you only do 5 minutes, be grateful that you did 5 minutes don’t judge yourself for not doing 10. If your mind wonders, recognize it’s happening, refocus and try again. Be patient and kind with yourself.

Anette Hönig
It doesn’t matter if you’re in a quiet environment or not. Go to a park or somewhere that makes you happy. Just close your eyes and listen. I find that instead of focusing and clearing my mind, listening helps me feel more like a happier and better person.

Sönke Straub
It helps me to look at thoughts coming in or distractions, as clouds in the sky like when you were a kid and laid on the grassy knoll watching them go by. Just silently acknowledge your thoughts as they come in and let them go.

Wayne Lambert
Although many meditate sitting I found it is easier to take the corpse pose in yoga where you lie on your back with your legs relaxed and let them fall apart naturally. I begin with my breath. Before even beginning I take 5 to 10 breaths filling my stomach with air like a balloon. Once I’m relaxed I begin a guided meditation to help my mind focus.
Start small if you feel restless and just try meditating for 5 minutes every day. Then build to 10. You are training your brain and mind to achieve a new way of thinking so it takes time.
Another way to meditate is to go on a distraction free walk alone. No cell phones. Just walk for 15 minutes noticing everything around you. When the body stays moving effortlessly the mind is able to be at ease.

Danilo Riehl
İf you be patient making practise daily is make meditatio easier. Personally i recommend you to start with short times like 2 or 3 minutes.