How long do you meditate for? Is longer meditation necessarily better?

Catherine N.
I meditate for 10-15 minutes when I can. I do find that one minute is better than no minutes. When I meditate for 15+ minutes are my best meditations because my mind needs that time to settle and focus on the meditation itself.
Faith T.
No. Always quality over quantity. I would just mediate to get rid of stress. So meditate however long u need until you are not as stressed out. Time-length will vary
Felix C.
Usually a 15 minute session is sufficiant for me in a regular days period so.etimeshalf hour for a stressed or tiring day but I have had spiking days where an hour is definitely needed for a complete release and or retreat space is needed for the entire hour so yes it depends on what the meditation is for to best suite time length meditation depth as to any case and also specified involved situation which in turn is the cause for the meditation process
Nell N.
Ideally I would do a 20 min meditation in the morning and in the evening. Longer isn’t necessarily better but longer sessions allow your body to release more stress and allows bodies to recover, to heal.
Bal Zs X.
Currently I meditate for 10 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes in the evening. For me it’s more beneficial to do two shorter sessions where I can stay focused than one long, where I’ll keep checking the timer.