How we can keep up with these habits when we live in a world where routine is not an option.

Carrot W.
I know it's not that easy ti keep them up even without a world like that
That's why u think it's most important to belive in them deep inside you and then you have them as root
This world is not the one deciding 2hat you should do,it puts you in situation and force you to choose but you is still choosing!so make a decision out of your routine

It's easy to tall hard to do
But you can try make it looks like it's your best Why to success and people will help you reach it if you share it with them

Fox V.
This app is definitely not designed for shift-workers, hey? I use the "morning routine" for the bare essentials (take meds, drink water, brush teeth) and then make separate routines for days when my schedule is different.

Edouard U.
In the world we live in, it is making habits and sticking to them that leads to progress and motivation to continue living.