I can’t meditate without being guided, does it matter?

Katie U.
I don’t think it really matters, it’s not less of a meditation because you’ve been guided through it. If that’s a goal you want to get to though, you can try to do unguided meditation for shorter periods and work your way up, I think. I still use guided meditation to work on specific attributes I’d like to work on

Leonard S.
I do not think so. And eventually you may want to practice going solo for a few minutes at a time and build on that. Do you have trauma that needs to be treated? That makes meditating harder. Good luck.

Dawn W.
I am a beginner at mediation & also require guidance, so plz, don't be hard on yourself! I just accept the fact that I need the guidance until it becomes second nature… I personally am also beginning to like (rather than fear) the silence during the guided meditation as I become more comfortable & focused, on my own! Hope this helps! Keep at it till you master it!

Antonin E.
It’s okay if you can’t meditate without being guided. I’ve been meditating for years and I still need guided meditations sometimes.

Roxane N.
NO, I can meditate on my own but I like having someone else keep time, I use an app to time and track my progress but it's mostly silence meditation

Florence E.
I don't know. But I would suggest to start easy. Why don’t you meditate the way you are used to. And before or after that’s meditation you get your timer and meditate an extra of one or two minutes, unguided. If that starts to get easier after a few days or weeks you lengthen the time you meditate unguided.

Alo S Q.
Not at all, the idea is to learn a new skill, which to many, meditation is. So be kind to yourself allow yourself to be a good student and learn a new skill with patience and finesse.

Amalie X.
No it doesn't matter at all. Meditation is the body's way of switching off from the outside world for a short time and really tuning into your own world. If that is guided then that's how it should be

Megan U.
I have found that I may not be able to meditate for more than a minute or two without guidance, but by focusing on slowing and deepening my breath which most of the guided meditations have us focus on, at least part of the time, I an calm myself down while driving, waiting at the doctor's office, etc. I figure that the more often I try the better I will get, but I focus on my breath…..not How long I an do it.

Derrick B.
Not at all! Guided meditations are so powerful and sometimes it’s easier, especially if you are someone whose mind tends to wander! You can always create your own guided meditations as well! Record yourself with some calming music in the background and say different things that are important for you to focus on. For example I am always so tense so during guided meditations I love when it gently reminds me to relax my shoulders, jaw, etc. I am also really focused on getting breathing in, clearing my mind and setting my intentions for the day. Personally guided meditations are much easier for me than just trying to sit and meditate! My mind wanders and I can’t focus on my task of just “being” there and taking a few minutes! I hope this helps! Keep working at it and good luck!

C Lia Q.
It only matters if it matters to you. If it doesn’t matter then it doesn’t matter. Meditation is a tool not a task master. Relax into what feels good to you and gives you a sense of calm.

Aquilino F.
Its ok to meditate with guide in the beginning, then you will feel more confident and can manage to meditate on your own

Molly Z.
I'm the same. I don't think that is a problem. There are quite a few guided meditation apps out there and I use a couple and pick sessions that match or complement how I am feeling. In some ways guided meditations provide more motivation and can stop you from being too self critical or provide a rational voice or a bit of perspective when you are worried about something specific. I'm no expert but I hope this helps!

Kathy T.
I believe, for me I need the guidance, my mind is racing way to much to do it on my own. I am only able to meditate , but only with help.

Barry Z.
It’s a matter of time and practice to achieve a meditation session without any guidance, but in the way to achieve that guided meditations are absolutely perfect and effective.

Debra U.
No, I am a Buddhist and meditate pretty regularly. I personally love the Deepak Chopra guided meditation on YouTube. They actually relax me so deeply that I am put to sleep sometimes!

Matthieu S.
If you are just starting out them I would say it doesn't matter. Over time you should consider self-guided meditation. That said being guided by someone else is great and there is a lot to learn there in how to go about leading meditation… just don't let the observation

Desiree Z.
the mind is complex. guided meditation is sometimes easier to adapt to, the mind will focus on what the speaker is saying or on the soothing music better than just sitting in silence and trying to not think about that thing you keep thinking about. it doesn’t matter whether you meditate with guides or without, either way you are training your mind to be more deliberate in what it thinks about.

Franziska F.
Try meditating on your own. Don't be afraid to make mistake. For me the most important part of meditation is that you can have thoughts but you shouldn't focus on them. But you shouldn't force yourself just try to do it. It might not work the first time but it will eventually.

Ella P.
No. Guided meditations work well to help train you and can also give a stronger meditation in many ways by focusing you. It is more about taking the time to sit and listen to your inner self.