What do you do on days you don’t feel like meditating?

Catalina P.
If I don’t feel like doing a 15-20 min meditation, I try to bring awareness to whatever I’m doing in that moment. If I’m on my phone I try to visualize myself outside of my body looking at myself just as I am. Then I try to bring awareness to my breath. Just noticing how fast or shallow I’m breathing. Then I try to put my phone down for a second and breathe deeper. Noticing my posture I try to rectify it. Usually I’ll feel like meditating then and go somewhere I can focus a bit better. Sometimes laying on the ground in Shivasana and do a full body scan. If I really don’t feel like it, I will ask myself what am I trying to avoid? And also try to run through the reasons I know I wanted to do mediation in the first place and why I love it.
Andrea N.
I #DoItAnyway. One thing people need to understand is there's always gonna be days when you "don't feel like it" and, in those days it is up to you to remember why you're doing it in the first place and focus on the long-term results (like mental health) rather than in the immediate satisfaction.
Chantal A.
Sometimes I will skip a day. Although I believe that when you don't want to do it, is when you need it the most. But if you really don't want to just to do it. Don't do something against your will
Labell O.
Meditate most of the time we don't feel like doing the important things but we have to will ourselves to do them and you always feel better after you are done anyway.
Mads X.
I push through. I may not feel like doing it, but if I ignore that feeling, force myself to sit down, and start doing it, it’s easier to keep doing it. It’s all about breaking that mindset of “I don’t feel like doing this” and recognizing that the reason you are doing it is to not feel that way.
Debora M.
I made a deal with myself and promised to meditate at least once a day. For the moment I managed to respect it. Even when I was tired, unmotivated, I brought the pact to mind. I know I'm doing the right thing, so I'm going on my way.