What do you do when one thought after another seems to pop into your meditation?

Chardonai N.
I stop that meditation and focus on breathing instead. A breath work meditation takes more focus and quiets my brain. Then, if I still have time and desire, I can gently ease back into the original. Otherwise, I have done a lovely, relaxing, refreshing, and unexpected breathing meditation.
Christiaan P.
Try headspace, they are really good in helping you with this. The first lessons are free and I use the payed version. Focus on your breath, count your breaths 1 till 10 and start again. If you lose focus. Just go back to your breathing and start counting again. Your mind needs time to get used to the meditation. There will always be days that your mind is running around crazy. Hoop it helps!
Miss G.
I let the thoughts pop as they like. I try not to think deeper than to just notice that the thoughts occur. If I drift in, I just observe that I'm delving in and then refocus on my breath.
Jake P.
Recognize it for what it is, a distraction. Your brain feels like it needs to be productive. Recognize the thought and then put it aside. Confirm to yourself that what you're doing is productive in a different way.
Danica N.
I think you shoad let go the thought if its bad or worring you. But you shaod foces on the thought if its good and relax you.
Anton Z.
This is the entire discipline of meditation – notice your thoughts and watch them. You are not your thoughts and you don't need to punish yourself for having thoughts – just watch them float by. Eventually you will be able to sit in your body paying attention to exactly what you intend to, but it takes consistent attention for a long time.
Ross T.
I try to acknowledge the thought and let it go. It's absolutely normal to have your mind wander during meditation and it's certainly not worth worrying over 🙂