How do I focus better while meditating? I often find myself falling asleep or getting distracted. Any techniques that are recommended?

Traudel F.
Try to get high. I’m serious. Quite a few of my best meditations have led me to life-changing decisions after a joint or two. The condition makes you to concentrate and you have no capacity than to focus on one thing only.
Ronald O.
Remind yourself why you are choosing to meditate and what your goals are for your meditation. When you get distracted with your thoughts, label it as either a thought or an emotion and bring yourself back to the meditation. No judgments, just awareness.
Tristan A.
The first technique i recommend is I don't think you have to sit down just to meditate you can walk around to stay focused. And the second technique is to keep your mind busy like think of something that gets you deep in your thoughts. I hope these techniques help.
Mildred E.
Recognizing when you are getting distracted or falling asleep is the first step and means you are doing a good job! The best way I’ve found to become more focused though, is to be compassionate to yourself and don’t react when you notice getting distracted. Note it. For example, when you get distracted the moment you notice it say to yourself, oh, my mind just lost focus for a second and then refocus on the breath. But try not to judge yourself just notice it. And if you do get angry just notice that to, and then refocus on your breath
Roland F.
Getting distracted is part of meditation. When you notice you are distracted then kindly turn your attention back to your breath or what you are mediating on. Falling asleep is easy if you lie down, sit with a straight back and put your hands in a mudra of your choice. If you are still falling asleep, then maybe you're just to tired? Or try a meditation type you can practice with open eyes.
Marie E.
Inhale on a count of 4 seconds then hold breath for 2 seconds and then exhale on a count of 4 seconds… this keeps your mind focused on your breathing
Rosa E.
Try meditating for shorter periods of time and focus on your breathing. If you’re falling asleep, you may not be getting enough sleep at night.
Ahmet U.
I find guided meditations help me to stay focused on meditating. I use the one on this app but my absolute favorite that I use more often is Jason Stephenson guided meditation. He's on YouTube! He has helped me so much. I find it very hard to fall asleep in his meditations because they are so profound. Give the guided meditations a try if you haven't already and I'm sure you will have a better experience. I hope this helps
Alma C.
If you’re falling asleep during meditation, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Maybe try to add in a nap or two during the day. If you just tend to sleep anyway, try a relaxing cup of Green Tea before starting. It is filled with antioxidants and also has caffeine.
Cassandra Q.
Get a good either hours of sleep the night before. Everytime you get distracted and you catch yourself, have a mental keyword that brings you back to the meditation and focusses in. Maintaining focus and avoiding distractions simply take time and practice.
Ruben N.
Observing thought process and then focus on breath is good practice to calm mind. We have to try to focus as much as we can to not fall asleep, attention is the key. Vipassana meditation technique is good one for all kind of people. For some people self enquiry is better.
Anael C.
I tried to focus on my breath and really just on my breath or I tried to focus on the background music and really listen to it and noticed every single a little detail of it. or I imagine that all of my thoughts are colored balloons and I just let them go away and they float away.
Denira O.
To avoid falling asleep, I try and do some stretching and gentle exercise before. That way my mind is awake and my body energised. I take a barefoot walk around my house, walking on grass really invigorates me.
As for the distraction, I pick a mantra and when I find my mind wandering I silently repeat the mantra to help keep me focussed.