Do you have a favorite guided meditation speaker?

Victor F.
No I am still fairly new to meditation and feel like I am still in the “I can’t believe how much better I feel from adding meditation” phase. I am looking to go deeper with my study though.
Math O Y.
I started with deepak chopra’a chakra meditation. It’s super powerful. I did enjoy headspace for a long time but eventually feel I “outgrew” the app. However, over the years, I have used most consistently the app Buddhify. Their guides are excellent, the variety is quite refreshing, and the skills developed are quite solid.
El Onore E.
Actually, yeah I kinda have one and it is 'sadhgurur'. So, on his YouTube channel he does have some videos related to yoga and meditation. And an app for daily qoutes and I love reading qoutes and books. He has written many books and all so that's what I like the most.
Joseph C.
Tamara Levitt is the one I’m most familiar with. I’ve been using “Calm” for several months, and it’s been a complete life changer.