Which should I do first: yoga or meditation?

Marin Q.
Yoga or meditation? Personally I start with meditation however I don't think it really matters which you do first….Yoga is also a form of meditation is it not?
Cheryl A.
Depending on the type of yoga, it generally incorporates meditation within. If you are looking for additional meditation opportunities try breathwork upon waking, or a bodyscan for sleep. Personally i keep my dedicated meditation as part of my bedtime ritual however i know others that have to meditate upon rising in the morning. Its totally up to you to find a way that fits.
Mitchell G.
I really do medetation first because then I can set my mind to my yoga and be awake so that during yoga I don't fall asleep and get and my stretches in.
Basile C.
I personally do my meditation before my yoga so I'm not very tense from stretching my body out. After yoga, I usually want to lay down and relax, but I can't do that if I'm meditating.