When do you meditate when do you visualize and how often do you do each?

Felix G.
I prefer meditating in the morning, after cleaning up and then, in the evening, right before I sleep.

I observe my breath for a few minutes and then do a deep meditation called Vipassana. In the end, I do mettābhava ( or loving kindness) for a few minutes.

Nikolaj U.
As weird as it sounds, when I meditate, I visualize that I am behind my eyes. I visualize that I am inside my body, because other wise, my mind greatly wonders. This also helps me to be more are of my body.
Ludmilla Z.
I mediatate regularly – 2 or 3 times per day, at least. First thing when I wake up and last thing at night before bed, plus if I can grab the odd session as and when needed throughout the day (almost treat it like a ‘smoking break’ at work!).
I use the Insight Timer app which allows you to pick guided meditations by length as well as style.
I don’t tend to like visualisation ones though.
Jesus Q.
I meditate daily and normally I meditate at least twice a day if I am able to I’ll do it three times a day, even if the third is just a couple of minutes. I usually meditate in the morning and definitely at night before going to bed as it relaxes me and I’m able too sleep better. I meditate laying down in bed at night. If I’m able to meditate a third time I’ll either do it in the afternoon or early evening. I visualize at the same time I meditate, so I also do it daily and at least twice or three times a day. I’ve been meditating for several months now so three times daily doesn’t seem to much for me but it might be for someone who’s just starting since your mind wonders quite a bit more when you’re beginning. I Hope I was able to answer your question correctly and that my answer will help you. Good luck, you can do it! 🙃🦋🌻
Cathrin J.
I always do it in the morning. It’s part of my morning routine. After I meditate, I stay in that space and visualize my life.
Karoline O.
I try to meditate every day, either when I wake up or a few minutes after working out. I barely visualize because I have so many things I want to do its complicated and lengthy to visualize it all.
Brooke O.
I try to make meditation part of my commute to work. Otherwise i would just be on instagram, which doesn't make me feel better. I sometimes do a quick 3 minute mediation sessions if needed while at work.
It's not always easy for me to do the visualisations. My mind wanders easily. I try to do them each day. It really helps me set up my work day, and helps me stay focussed on what's important to me
Eleut Rio Q.
I do guided meditation on an app called Aware and follow the instructions of the teacher. I like that the meditation practice I'm on is structured and consistent to help me develop a more habitual practice. In the app we focus on our breathing, do a breath count, a body scan from bottom to top then back down again becoming mindful of our bodies, then we focus on the sounds around us not reacting to any event, then let our minds free and watch thoughts come and go as an active observer, then make our minds limitless by focusing on all we can experience in the moment. I also use an app called guided meditation where I can visualize, empower myself and use my imagination and when I just want to focus on my breathing I listen to the bell meditation on the Fabulous app. I enjoy doing guided meditation because it is led by an instructor and leaves the guess work out of it. As I develop my practice I see though that when meditating what helps is not to be attached to any one way all the time and I in that way leave my practice open to new enchancements and my meditation open to new experiences. Stay Fabulous. I hope this has helped you.
Simpl Cio Y.
I mostly just meditatate but I do a form of metta (loving-kindness) meditation that involves visualizing various kinds of beings (those close to you, neutral and those with difficulty) and wishing them and radiating out loving kindness. I do this every morning for up to 20 minutes ending with focusing on my breath. I started with just 10 minute of breath meditation.
Marilou E.
I want to create the habit of meditating every morning and night. I will meditate a few days in a row, but then I stop because I make the excuse that I don’t have enough time. However, lately i have been needing the benefits of meditation more than ever so I am determine to incorporate it into my routine. Before this app, I knew little of the effects of visualization so I have never done it. I am excited to see how meditation and visualization effect my life.