How long should each meditation session be?

Rapha L G.
I usually do 10-15 min which is enough to calm down and refocus. Also it is manageable in a hectic scedule. If I had to do 30 min I would give up without trying ..
Sara E.
As long as you need it to be! Some days you will need more time to reflect on your day and take some time to free yourself of any stress. Other days a quick 5 minute meditation will feel just as good! It depends on what you’re looking for. Tend to your own needs. I prefer around 10 minutes.
Aaron F.
I don’t think it matters – the more important thing is consistency. Personally I feel like I’m better off getting in 2 minutes of meditation every day than insisting on a longer time that I might not fit in. My own sessions range from 2 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on how I feel and how much time I have.
Christina F.
It depends on your mood, if your happy maybe a few minutes to maintain the happiness and if your stressed maybe more. Like ten to fifteen
Philippe X.
It depends on your level of focus, my brain used to run on overdrive so I’d only sit for 5 minutes and then when I could do it constantly I’d up it. I’m currently at 15 minutes!
Albert J.
I believe the length is not as important as actually meditating. Some years ago I decided I was going to meditate for one hours every day, but I never had one whole hours in my day to sit down and meditate so I didn’t do it at all… now I decided that even 5 minutes is better than nothing, so each day the quantity of time varies depending on my activities. So my advice: don’t choose a fixed quantity of time, it’s better to choose a certain moment of the day and make a habit of it, and depending on your schedule maybe some days you will have 1 whole hours while other days only 5 minutes will be possible for you
Jade Q.
Meditation is better than no meditation. If I only have ten or fifteen minutes then that is what it is. But I find a longer meditation of thirty to forty five minutes quiets my mind much better.
Hugo S.
Personal preference, if you are extremely stressed or tense, a longer session would probably be better (maybe like 10+ minutes). For me, I like a shorter session, enough to reel my mind back in but not so long I start to get antsy (I'm VERY adhd). I will usually go for about 3-5 minutes unless I'm really calm at that time.
Kay F.
I think from my personal experience that 10-20min 2 times a day is the best. Right after waking up and an hour before bedtime. Doing it longer seems unnecessary every day. However, 1h or more from time to time is really beneficial, like once a month or something. This also allows so shorter ones to be more easily done.
Ibrahim U.
I like to start my meditation with a minimum of 11 mintues. 11 is a power number of enlightenment, it holds very powerful energy. I usually choose a meditation video that has 11 minutes or more for time and as I sit I check in with my self. I allow myself to sit when I successfully can and when I struggle I allow myself to do just that and end at the 11 minutes. After which if I struggled I will go stretch or clean, some kind of physical activity that will allow me to zone out so I may "go in" to my inner space that way.
Lohan N.
I’d say it depends on the person and their situation, I find on stressful days, I meditate up to an hour, and about 4 times a day! On a nice, calm day I only meditate twice for around 20 minutes, it all comes down you the person, and the feelings they hold in that moment.
Sophie F.
As long as you desire. I would implore you to go as long as you can and to challenge yourself to gain better results but any length is better then none. You can always use the guided meditations on the app or look up guided meditations on YouTube. Good luck and hope that helped
Ricky T.
I would say 10-15 minutes, make it a goal time, if 3 minutes in you are having a hard time sitting still keep going until ur goal time 10 mins.
Lyna S.
I feel that a short 5-6 mins of meditation is nice to do during the day or on a break etc. But for myself I really feel relaxed after 15 mins.