What time should I meditate?

Leslie Z.
Whenever you find it the best. I personally like to do it in the evening or in the afternoon to get relaxed from all stress throughout the day. I also like to do the Daoist exercise called Deer, which ensures hormonal balance and makes your body and face look younger. I'm still young, but don't wanna look old at the age of 25.
Aj T.
Anytime is a good time for meditation. It can be done multiple times during a day. From quick 1-2mins Shorts to 10-15mins. Generally it's done in a morning-evening routine. Do it in the early morning hours, the calm serene atmosphere just makes it an awesome experience. Do it in the wee hours to cleanse your mind from exhaustive, toxic thoughts built up during the day. Keep doing it and Stay blessed.
Lea G.
The morning. It helps you start your day right and make the best decisions for the rest of the day. Starting the day feeling yourself is better than only ending it feeling yourself. ❤️